Construction start of single family house H14 in Koszalin. 
The H14 project is a modern interpretation of a residential house, traditional in form: a simple shape covered by a symmetrical multi-sloped roof. The external conventionality of the form of the building has been upgraded with a small patio located in the middle of the building, whose ultimate goal is to light up its interior and connect it visually. The house was also founded in an unconventional manner. Due to the incline of the terrain towards the entrance to the plot and the decision regarding the minimum interference in the natural decline of the area, it was decided to raise the house about 3 meters above the ground. The raised residential floor was supported on massive supports from the street and a small underground portion, containing auxiliary rooms and an additional entrance to the house, from the forest. The main entrance to the house was located on the south side, symmetrically on the extension of the entrance to the plot, under the building, through the patio illuminating the house and the stairs located in it.